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Full Tummies

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This is a group for posting pictures of your full tummies. I am a tummy lover, I love any type of belly, tummy, or stomach :) But today (the day I created this group) I ate a large dinner and then met up with some friends an hour later who wanted me to go eat with them! As I write this my stomach is about to pop and I thought about the other tummy loving/posting sites that I belong to and I realized that all good tummy lovers stuff themselves every once in a while. Thus I created this site to illustrate that image of our tummies. Full of food! This is not a sex journal. So don't post anything that is off color. Make sure your pictures are PG-13 at the most and be good. I shouldn't have to say that but apparently I do. This group is about accepting the fact that we all eat too much sometimes and the fun it can be swaping pictures. This is not to do other things. There are other groups for that. Keep it clean!!